Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A blog is created...

So. Grace and I sit in my room at our house, Centre of the Universe, in sunny Newcastle.
We've just created this fabulous blog so we share our Latino journey with the people who care - or just everyone & anyone.
Not quite sure what its going to become but hopefully we'll keep you all fascinated and entertained. None of us know where we'll end up or even if we'll stay together as a group. Minimal planning has been the attitude towards the trip so far, if only by default.
The title, "mujeres nómadas", means "nomadic women" (We're struggling along with our Spanish).
We'll post a picture here and there, perhaps only the best...
Apprehension, nervousness and excitement are creeping up on us with every day.

Gozar! Enjoy!
Hasta la vista amigos...



  1. Hello,there! Is your journey beggining or has it started already? :)
    If you come to Mexico city let me know and I can suggest some cool stuff to see!!
    Bienvenidas!! :)
    (ps. I saw this on my NewsFeed in FB, Caitlin Doyle-Markwick is in my list of friends thanks to Peter Speight)

  2. Las estaremos esperando cuando lleguen a Chile!
    besos y abrazos!