Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arrival in Santiago de Chile

We´ve spent our first weekend in Santiago de Chile, where we flew in on Thursday and Friday (We flew in seperately, Grace and Charlotte first, then Tegan and I). Flying in, it didn´t hit us that we were in South America until we emerged through the bottom of the clouds and realised we were surrounded by the Andes - incredible snowcapped peaks as far as we could see. Oh my god, fucking breathtaking.
Anyway, Santiago.
We´ve been staying with Charlotte´s friend in Old Santiago, which Raul (our wonderful Chilean host) calls Gaytown, of which he is king. The city itself is very westernised, but we have differing opinions on it... Having friends to show us around has been fantastic though. We´re all still very jetlagged, although we haven´t helped ourselves by staying up late drinking both nights...
Our Spanish, at this point, is fairly dismal, but we are learning quickly.. we think. Raul took us to dinner at his family´s house last night. We were under the impression it was only going to be his immediate family - maybe la mama y unas hermanas? No. The whole fandangle. 50 Chileans, and that was only half - los tíos, los primos y la abuela! They all spoke Spanish very fast (¨Errr... Repetir por favor?¨)
Tonight we are heading South on an overnight bus going to Valdivia. I won´t say anything about the town until we get there, we could be very wrong about the place... We´ll see.
For now, hasta luego.

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