Sunday, November 29, 2009

FOOD in Chile


The food in Chile is off the rictor - incredible!!! every meal is also big enough to feed an entire family! and theree are so many fish markets and local sea food! we arrived in Chiloe at dinner time...all starving!!! So we went into a cheap looking restaurant and ordered ´Curantos´....we had absolutely no idea what we were ordering...and should have picked up on the hint when the waitor told us to move to a bigger table....because the BIGGEST DISHES we have ever seen came out.....mountains of shellfish, pork, sausages, chicken, potatoes, bread, and some other strange things!!! Goodbye to the vegetarians you probably once knew!!! It was do delicious!!! and I took on the dare and won the competition of who could eat their whole meal!!! hell yeah!!! I probably wont need to eat again for another 7 months!!!

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