Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ramblin´ol ´thoughts

Siesta time on sunday in Ancud (chiloe)

Hanging on the edge: View from our camp site in Ancud (chiloe)

Bohemian amazed by Caitlin´s jewellry in Pueto Montt

Crusing on the Lago Todos Los Santos under the glance of Volcan Osorno, Petrohue

Sunset at Ensenada

Hitching a ride down the mountain after 16km of walking, Ensenada

Beautiful tegan in the flowers hah!


I´ve realised the importance of language. Without it you cannot communicate your feelings, your desires, or your intentions in their entirety. Spanish. Speaking. Understanding. Translating my thoughts from one tongue to another.

Chile. Gobsmacked by the beauty of the southern landscapes. And i shout at the sky or the wind at least three time a day, ¨i love Chile¨or more generally ¨i love living¨. Standing on the shores of lake Llanquique in the blistering wind, with the dying sun, casting pink shadows all around, i realised just how good travelling is for the soul. No plans or schedules or obligations or possessions. No heavy weights of western living that distract us from what really makes us happy. We were just murmurs under the powerful presence of the volcanoes. It was humbling.

The first week has been dynamic. Crazy times of belly aching laughter mixed with beautiful isolation. Trying chilean dishes, practicing spanish, following our feet in all directions. Cuatro locas gringas. Camping in a tent near the shores of a thunderous lake, almost at antarctica. Huddling like slugs in our sleeping bags to stay warm. Days are long. Sun setting late. Trekking 10km up a hill to find walking trails, catching a ride back down in the back of a ute, hair flying everywhere. Petrohue falls. Lago todos los santos. sun glistening off the wild yellow flowers on the pebbly shore where we all sat in silent consensus, drawing it all inside our own minds. Snowpeaked volcans y montañas surrounding our heads. Artisan shops in Puerto Montt. Men singing in harmony.

i cant say much more than Life is Fuking Grand.

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