Sunday, January 24, 2010


Rambo.. what more can we say.

monito (monkey).

Fishing for Pirahñas

The ´Baaaaahhhhhbbeeeeee Anacondaaaaahh´.

Watching the sunset from our river camp.

So we left ´the peace´, after a night of chomping down Llama steaks and dancing the night away to an afro-bolivian band. We woke our sorry heads up and caught a bus to Rurrenanbaque. 15 hours of teeth clenching cliff sides and manouvering past trucks and other obstacles (Tegan didnt seem to notice though, as she was pashing the boy in the seat beside her). We arrived at 3am and put up our tent in the bus station car park. We awoke to motorbikes, sunday markets and tropical heat. We instantly fell in love with the relaxing and positive vibe of the town and spent the day doing just that.

The next day we set out for the Pampas (The savannah or wetlands), for three days of animal watching and exploring. We found ourselves in the back of a dusty ute with an American wearing a granny flanny, whose name was Ian, an awesome couple from Ireland and Spain, whose names were Angie and David and three mosquito hating Koreans, whose names have slipped my memory. As we later realised we were very fortunate in our fellow group members. After 3 hours in the jeep, we made it to the river and began our journey to the camp, another 3 hours up stream. We saw plenty of birds, river dolphins, alligators, Capaburras (MASSIVE guinea pigs), monkeys and even a sloth (mostly thanks to Tegan´s good eye for spotting animals). Arriving at the camp we were greeted by a well equipped army of mosquitoes, (we´re talking an army the size of China´s population), which sent the Koreans into an instant flurry (they were that bad we were even forced to spend our evenings hiding in our mosquitoe nets, although this definately didn´t deter our amazing time on the trip). We were also greeted by another tour group full of Bogan Aussies, who would soon become our mortal enemies. At the dinner table, we felt the full weight of their presence. They were not only ignorant and disrespectful, but had the worst manners. After listening to one of them yell ´Senorita, Mas (More)´at the top of his lungs, we decided we´d had enough. Our Irish friend Angie said ´The word please exists in Spanish too you know´. From there on in, it was open slather...........

We spent one afternoon trudging through the wetlands in our gumboots, and pushing our way through fields that resembled sugarcane.....we were on the search for anacondas!! The guides kept going on and on about how hard it is to find one and we would have to be really lucky! I (Tegan) found a baby one, the size of a worm, and a guide found another baby one....and then when we had almost given up hope one of the guides announced he could smell an anaconda....we thought he would start searching for it, but instead he waited for everyone to come running. When everyone was around the guide found the anaconda, without really looking (weird) and picked it up and put in in the middle of the circle. It was huge....3 metres... but very friendly and didnt mind us holding took Charlotte and I to lift it together because it was so heavy!

After leaving the anaconda and the guide (who had to be the last one there- weird again)...we were to find out by accident that it was all a FAKE and SCANDAL and a CONSPIRACY!!! The anaconda is a captive pet of the guides and they brought it in a bag and planted it in the reeds! what a crock of shit!!! The funniest thing is the macho bogan aussies we hated thought they were so tough picking up the wild anaconda!!! ahahahaha

The pampas was amazing...apart from harassing fake anacondas we went swimming with river dolphins (I couldn´t because there are pirahnas in the river and I had my peroid...and apparenty they would have attacked my vagina!!!!).....went fishing for pirahnas and cat fish for dinner (yum yum) and went on a night boat ride surrounded by the glowing eyes of the aligators!!! freaky!

We arrived back in Rurrenabarque, bathed our stinky and mosquito bitten bums and headed out to meet with our friends for one last farewell. We drank exotic cocktails, bolivian blaster was Charlottes pick, with every spirit imaginable and a touch of coke, what more could one want? Anyways we played some bad pool, on my part (grace) and some fooze ball with the man with an afro and when we were the last occupants of the pub, we ran home in the pouring rain. ´Mornin ladies, overt your eyes im dropping my pants´ said Ian our granny flanny american friend. Nothing suss we just found everything he said hilarious. We set off on our next adventure... into the jungle...

Another life threatening experience awaited us as we zoomed down the river dodging tree trunks and other debre that had been washed into the water after last nights storm. After three hours of laughing and getting ready to swim, we arrived on a deserted bank. The jungle was just as we had imagined and we fell in love in an instant.

We were introduced to our guide, who we realised was Bolivian Rambo. He was equipped with a massive machete and an even bigger gut, which was dressed in camaflouge. After flying through the jungle canopy on a swing made of vines, we spent the afternoon chasing 100 Pumbas (you know, Timone´s best friend), through the Amazon. Rambo would stalk real elegant, listening hard, then his eyes would light up and he´d start running, beckoning us to follow. Ahhh The hilarity. Not only did we see pumbas (or warthogs), we found tucans, macaws, monkeys, tarantulas, small jaguar type thing (ocelot), taipurs and butterflies. We also learnt lots of the medicinal properties of the plants which the indigenous people of the area (the Tacana) use.

That evening Rambo took us for a night walk. It was so tranquil listening to the constant humming of the jungle in the blackness. UNTIL, Rambo looking for animals, shook this rather large vine. Looking up i saw this monkey shape falling like a splat of paint, straight for Grace´s head. Next thing You know Grace is diving off into the bushes, commando style, with a mazzive shriek escaping her lips. We could not stop laughing!!! Rambo included! Turns out it was a rat!!!!! This little incident put us into hysterical moods and we spent the rest of the night carrying on like giggly school girls on camp.

We also made some sick-arse jewellery out of a collection of seeds we found in the jungle!! way cool! Anyway... heading back to the Peace (La PAz) this evening, so we will have some more stories for you all soon!!!!!!

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