Friday, January 15, 2010

Copacabana & Isla del Sol

So we have left the lovely Peru behind and have walsed into the depths of Bolivia. Our first stop was Copacabana, on the glistening shores of Lago Titicaca. And boy wasn´t that a blast!

We celebrated Tegan´s 25th bday in style, following the shoreline out of town, with a gang of Perros (dogs) in hot pursuit. For Grace and I, (who grew up on Lake Macquarie), the Lake flooded us with a sea of childhood memories, which left us feeling all dreamy. Then, when we were isolated enough, we did just what Chas Jagger expects from us vixens and got our tits out for titicaca (sorry ladies and gentleman, the photo will not appear here for your voyeuristic pleasure).

After a lunch of Trucha and Papas fritas (its sounds exotic but its really just fish n´chips), we hit the water with a bottle of bicardi and a papaya mixer. Our Vehicle: A Blue Swan paddle boat. One of those ones you motor by moving your legs really quick. Well old swanny wasn´t the most agile mover, espcially on the turns. I think the lady, who hired us the boat had a few quiet chuckles as she watched us try and reverse the swan back into place beside the jetty.

That evening we sat upon the balcony of our hostel with our friends, Samuel & Kevin (who are swiss french) and Camilo (who is Argentinian). In true celebration of Tegan´s birth, we let some firecrackers rip or ´Burn the sky´as Camilo described it. You should have seen Camilo commando roll as Tegan let off a sneaky firework. I think he flew higher then Grace´s head.

Enjoying the True splendor of Lago Titicaca, we made the journey to Isla del Sol. Where we found ourselves on a beach full to the brim with folk singing Argentinians, who practically used our tent as their firewood. We sat huddled in our tent scared shitless, as we listened to one particularly crazy one (who had taken some hallucinagen), go absolutely mental!!!

Anyway, apart from Argentinians, Isla del sol offered us a few days of quiet solitude. We explored the north of the island on foot, wading through the farmland and fanging down the terraces. We Laughed at the hairy donkeys, pigs and cows that managed to waddle down onto the beaches and explored the Inca ruins. We even joined the Argentinians in their folk singing antics on one occassion. Them playing nationalistic singalongs in Spanish, we playing some aussie originals and then combining for some rock´n roll classics. ´Hey Hey mumma said the way you move gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove´............
Ahhhhhhhh life......

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