Friday, January 15, 2010



Okay so we meet the funniest people all the I thought I´d give you a couple of examples-

We were having breakfast in a cafe when we noticed a bald, barefooted crazy guy rambling loudly to himself on the street. Next thing we know he´s in the cafe blaring out rubbish. He is one of those really annoying North Americans with a really strong accent! So, he´s telling jokes and claiming to be an inmate (on morning leave) in the gaol in La Paz, and going on about how he is really good friends with Rusty (famous author- Brit guy who wrote ´Marching Powder´from the inside of the gaol), and asking for money (coz he doenst get any money in gaol) and offering us a tour of the gaol. We didn´t believe a word he said....he was one of those really untrustworthy characters!!! So we pointed out some perfect table diving opportunities for him and sent him on his way!

We were later to find out that this man is the famous ´crack-head mike´, who has been out of gaol for 6 years and spends his time tricking tourists into giving him money for fake gaol tours! hahahaha

2) The Mute French Hippy
We met this guy out at a reggae bar. He sat at our table for about an hour and didnt say a word. He wouldn´t answer any of our questions and just starred blankly.

The next time I saw him he stood outside the internet cafe I was in and starred at me for about 15 minutes...was really creepy!

Then, we saw him on the street! drunk as hell and I think off his face on cocaine. And he talks!!! ALOT....he is sooooooo annoying!! His first statement was "So now you know who am I because I´m talking to you. I didn´t say anything to you the other night because I didn´t want to talk" (profound). His next rant went- "I didn´t want to do the whole boy wants girl, girl wants boy, boy wants drinks and drugs, girl wants drinks and drugs....boys wants blah blah, girl wants blah blah" and he just continued to go on with the meaning of life in this style for a good 10 minutes....
Then we asked what he was doing today (big mistake) and he said "walking and working and walking and working and walking and working and walking and working"...... and he went on repeating these two words for a few minutes! Then Charlotte asked him to fix her necklace....and so we were stuck talking to him for eternity while he took forever to fix the necklace in his drunken state! He argued with me for ages about the fact that you shouldn´t have to pay any money to do volunteer work....but his argument was the repitition of one line!!! and he didnt listen to a word I said about grassroots projects needing small donations in return for food and accomodation. ahhhhhh!!!!!! And he just went on and on and on with some hippy bullshit!!! ahhhh We much prefered him as the mute!
He did give me a very beautiful ring he made though.......

Final funny experience from yesterday was going to a restaurant where there was a traditional music-dance performance on...
Firstly the performance was so wierd and absurd and not traditianal at all, it was one of those crap tourist attractions! They wavered the $11 cover charge when we said we didnt have it, so we bought a drink. Next thing we know the dancers are pulling people out of the crowd to dance. Charlotte being one of them!! Grace and I spent the next 10 minutes in hysterics watching the uncoordinated tourist try to dance. (Charlotte wasn´t one of these tourists). Then in the middle of the show they realised we werent buying any more they kicked us out!!! ahhh haaa

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