Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The city of colour!


Wow!!! We are staying in the most colourful city in the world..... Im in my psycaedelic-rainbow-dream-world....I just want to twirl in the streets here forever!!! The houses are a kaleidoscope of colours...and graffitti adorns every wall...amazing graffiti....
I think the colour and the sun has infected everyone´s brains here (for the best), because the city is just buzzing with happy people, excitement, parties, gorgeous babes...and fun fun fun! I don´t think I could describe it any better than, IT IS SO ALIVE!!!! Bursting with Chilean energy that makes my heart flutter as we get lost in street markets! Its quite clearly a student town...and the graffiti tells that it is quite political!! hell yeah!!

We met a few really interesting people...A jewellery maker from peru (he is Inca)...a boy with bright blue hair....and 3 graffitti artists....
U can graffitti ANY wall here...no matter who´s house it is....oh my goodness I love the freedom of this place!

Mine and Charlotte´s dreadlocks cause quite a lot of attention in this country....mainly people either asking us for marijuana, or asking if we want to buy come some! Im pretty sure the rastas are also responsible for the majority of our invitations to hangout or party with people!! yeah boy...thank u hair!! Pretty much the only people we hang out with are hippies who sell jewellery on the street....

Today we went into a beautiful old church....the priest showed us around, told us the history of the church, said a few prayers....and as he was sending us on our way he did the most unexpected thing; he called me over and pulled out a bag of weed from the electricity box and tried to sell it to me!! hahaha what a crack!!! What is the world coming to when u cant even go to church without being offered drugs!!! hahahaha

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