Monday, December 7, 2009

Where in the world is carmen santiago?


The wide arms of santiago draw us back in. We find ourselves back in the gay village at a Pool party, eating caviare, cheese, black crackers, carne. Being completely and utterly pampered. You can only imagine the incongruency of the scene: four, stinky travelling gringas in the company of immaculate gay men.

Sunday. Market day and we spend the hours indulging our senses in the chaos . Not a spare space of ground. The square pastures of blankets ladden with wares, sturdy wooden crates full of fruit, nurtured with gentle hands, the limp bodies of fish staring from icy beds, dried chillis hanging from the ceiling almost brushing our faces, bicycles balancing hats in precarious stacks, the sweet melodies of buskers, umbrellas splayed out next to grafitied walls. We ate icecream, fairy floss, pastel de choclo (a chilian dish made from corn and meat). Our bodies warm again in the sun and our smiles so wide they pierced the sky. We dived into the depths of Pablo Nerudas mind, drowning in the beauty of his words. I think we all felt secretly inspired as we wandered in the courtyard of his home, you could see the light shining in all of our eyes.

The falling night brought new adventures. We sat on the floor at Rafa´s waiting for Raul and Caitlin. Ten minutes turned into 2 hours and before you know it we´d drunk a whole 2 litres of wine and moved onto the pisco. We had a very anticipatory meal at ´Los Chinos Gay´, the local chinese joint, raved about by the inhabitants of the gay village (the area of santigao where we were staying). Then we embarked on a rather hilarious journey to sing Karaoke at Raul´s friends house. Caitlin and Grace took off in a taxi with Raul´s friend Gustav (He´s spanish and afraid of public transport). Anyway, 4 buses, 1 taxi and a car ride later Tegan, Raul and i arrive. Its midnight. (When Raul said it was Lejo (far) we didn´t think he meant the last house in Santiago hah.

The night was beautiful. We passed round the guitar, then when the effects of the wine impaired judgment, we moved onto looking up songs on youtube and dancing like maniacs. Gradually the consciouness in the room dwindled, until it was just me and Tegan. We stared around at the pile of sleeping bodies and kept dancing. Thriller, bootylicious, i like you so much better when your naked... Before you know it we were greeted by the red face of the sun and i looked at you and thought oh shit another sleepless night in Santiago... but heck we are having so much fun here.

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