Thursday, December 10, 2009

Going North


there is nothing more exhilerating
as a backpack full of life
a thumb toward the road
riding on so much hope
when a car light breaks ahead
run! our journey in the hands of a beautiful stranger
we sleep amougst tools and the smell of grass and petrol;
the end of a days work
broken spanish, roxanne blares from the radio
we are bought fizzy drink and told to watch our backs
half way there;

santiago we are coming
we are going north
santiago we are coming
to your bright lights and clear skies
santiago we are coming
just to leave again
for we are travellers
we only have temporary friends
we are searching for something
a fire in our bellies
we have found you; life

santiago we have left you
for places north
the desert sun now poors down
mountains bare backed earth
naked to the universe
look up mis amigas;
remember we are only a sky away

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