Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Soulmate


Holy crackerdink...I have met my soul mate....he is another version of me....I love him! He was juggling and performing with his friends on the street....I thought they looked fun and suggested we go and talk to them (little did I know what we were in for)....the universe of the night expanded and our gang and their gang became one...we dominated an empty bar and we danced all night....Ricardo and I took dancing to another level as we performed ridiculous stunt after ridiculous stunt...until we had our selves and the rest of the bar in hysterics!!!
We spent only three days together but fell crazily in Love!!!

So now I'm embarassingly love sick...spending a lot of time writing really lame, crappy, love poetry with no poetic flare...and searching for a face in the distance!

So now for some totes lamo love poetry.... just to make u all laugh...

I found my soul mate in Valparaiso
I found you juggling in the street

I spin in your arms
My blood - absorbing the kaleidoscopic colours of this city
My heart flings out of control

Lost in a maze of graffitied alleys
scrambling through scrub and piles of rubbish
At last I can see your little blue house
My heart hiccups - Are you home?
What will happen if you're not?
All thoughts contract; silence.

In the window
it's You
Electric kisses
urgent love, dreadlocks entwined
Naked, we dance
wearing only our socks and hats

Broken languages,
acting and mime,
massive smiles,
wet willies,
a cacophony of laughter,
sleepless nights.
We fell open to unhesitant love
on a pile of dirty clothes.

The bus departs Valparaiso
carrying one of two hearts

Rainbow droplets
fall from open veins
onto the bus floor

When I return
we will have little

I sit in a bus, surrounded by strangers and friends
I am alone
I miss you. In my dreams I missed this bus.

I read about the power and control of North America
Talons grasp
I eat an avocado and cheese sandwich
My chest
I try to decipher the Spanish subtitles on a movie
I can't breathe
the eagle wrenches my heart upward
my body dangles, my head
Weary, restless murmurs from the seats below
not a soul notices my struggle
limbs flinging above their heads

You look up at the stars, and nod.

I remember
the bar
your grin as wide as the ocean
jumping up and down, eyes squinted in fits of laughter
I remember your green jumper
bodies arched back against the fridge, until we fell to the ground
All I can see is your eyes. I see myself.
We laugh and laugh on the bar room floor

I remember
you kissed me for the first time,
soft lips; followed by a 'wet willy' in the ear
a romantic performance of mime and comedy continued

I remember
our last day
greedy kisses interrupting words
passion overpowering any concept of time or responsibility
running, skipping to the bus station, hand in hand

One, two, three, ten, nineteen, twenty-four goodbye kisses...
one more...
just one more...
the space between us widens
but there are magnets in our lips.

Alone in the Atacama
laying in the dirt
spirits of the earth crackle in the rocks surrounding me
La Madre Tierra nurtures my wounds
her fingers tickle my back
Mesmerised by the twinkles saturating the dark, desert sky
my heart wanders, searching

You look up at the stars, and nod.

I could probably keep going for a few hundred years so I'll spare you all and stop! hahahaha
Life is so funny!!!

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  1. ohhh thats beautiful, that makes me smile so so much.

    I feel like im just starting to understand someone i have known so intensely and for such compressed long length of time.

    You seem like you are having an amazing time, i cant wait until you get back but its so great youv extended ur stay.