Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cuzco and the new year

Our Crazy New Years Garb.

We´ll leave it for Caitlin to explain, but unfortunately it is just the three of us (Gracie, Tegan & Charlotte) travelling now. There´s a big blank gap in the blog that´s going to be hard to fill in because time has become lethargic and our sense of place is incredibly distorted.

Only thing to say about Arequipa is that we met the seediest santa in history. He was uninterested in children, but whenever he`d see an attractive woman he`d call out hola and ask them to sit on his knee.


Now we are in Cusco!!! its an incredible city.....Cusco always on your mind!!! We rocked in after a sleepless night in a double decker bus, fanging around cliff faces at top happy to still be alive!! We stayed in a hostel for one night and then got kicked out (luckily) coz we met two amazing brothers from Quebec who are living here. So we are now living with them too....the three of us piled into one bed, like sardines!!! They are really good musos...which is perfect because we have just bought a charango (ukulele thing) and a mandolin (and grace has a guitar) we are going to learn to play and start a band....however the police have been known to bash buskers in this town! ah!

Our highlight of this amazing city was new years eve.....we began at the house, dressing up crazy, painting faces, drinking gato (south american goon), playing music and causing a regular raucus! After a bit of a spew in a plastic bag we thought we should probably go we headed on to the plaza for THE BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!!!!! It was a firework frenzy!!!! we had a bag of fireworks as did every fucker......unlike Australia there was no official fireworks display, everyone just chucks them where ever they want. So the plaza was packed with people, but there was a big empty space in the middle where most of the fireworks landed, it was a loud, colourful, extravaganza.......but probably a third of them (and there were millions) landed in the crowds causing chaos and people jumping all over the place to avoid a firework to the leg! It sounded like a war zone, explosions everywhere, people screaming, running, and laughing so much!! Charlotte and I (tegan) went mental running around and throwing fireworks at crowds of people and running through no mans land, dodging heaps of fireworks!! Grace was freaking out!!!
Then we got onto the koka leaf....everyone chews it here to help with the altitude and get a little high!! so we shoved a big pile of the leaves into the side of our gobs, with a bit of the black paste and, man what a tasted like shit.....and burnt our mouths leaving us without taste buds and with ulsers and abrasions instead!! Ouch!!!

We then left with the masses to find a club to do some salsa and crazy shit. As New Years often does we spent hours in lines, in the end without even getting in as we are poor gringas who cant afford a 30US dollar entrance fee!! Luckily we had Charlotte to entertain us.... In moments of stress charlotte was blocking the door to the club macking on with who knows who... Lets say by the end of the night Charlotte had made out with half the population of Cuzco and Argentina!!
We did eventually made it to a club, with Charlotte complaining the whole night `I just wanna dance to Beyonce...
By this stage we were well and truely drunk, dancing to a crap reggae DJ and chatting to many a peoples.. We walked home to a beautiful sunrise. I will let Charlotte fill in the rest as she has no recolection of the night, BUT she can tell you about the memorable hang over....

Now Tegan has this prophecy that what you do on the first day of the year is a mazzive indication of how the rest of your year will pan out. I hope for christs sake that she is wrong, Because if she`s right, we will most certainly be spending our whole year squished into one small bed.....Our new years day consisted of splitting hangovers, lying flat on our backs in a little cuddly bunch, laughing our brains out about the preceeding evening. Tegan and grace filling in the gaps of my memory. At around 2pm we attempted to get some food from down the road. As if standing up wansn`t hard enough, as soon as we braved the outdoors the hail started. We found ourselves in the interior of a cosy restaurant. But sitting up was a little too much for me to handle, so I grabbed me sprite and staggered off back to bed, leaving grace and tegan in hysterics.

So today (2nd day of the year), we stared altitude sickness in the face and went up the highest mountain we could see. After we got to the top of the biggest staircase on the planet, we luckily got picked up by some people in a ute! Hell yeah!!! so we piled in the back of the ute and got out at the top of the mountian. We spent the whole day exploring old Inca ruins, climbing up and down mountains, hiding in a puma`s lair and watching llamas mate! And we sang songs to life, coz life is a sick bitch!!!! Life will you be my wife!!

Charlotte and I (tegan) are addicted to burgers.....we have changed from eating empanadas (equivalent of a meat pie) three times a eating burgers with seven types of sauces, three times a day. hahahaha.

On a final note, we just want to mention how many look alikes of people we know we have found in south america. Just to mention a few we have met, Peruvian Jules, Peruvian Buff tom from kempsey, French Canadian Lewis, Black Locci, Argentinian Zoe, Mexican Matt riley, Chilean Ishka/Wah Wah and JONOTHAN MOYLAN´S EVERYWHERE!!!

Adios for nowwwww amigosssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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